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BigCommerce Connection

This guide is for connecting your BigCommerce store to ibundle.

For this we will need to fill 4 fields:

1. Store URL

2. Client ID

3. Access Token

4. Context

To get those fields go to your admin dashboard of your store.

There navigate to:

Advance Settings -> API Accounts and create a new API account

menu nav.png

In the create account page:

1. Choose a name for the API account.

2. Copy the value in the API Path - 'stores/xxxxxx' and paste it to the context field in ibundle connection form.

3. Mark all the OAuth scopes to the most right option.

4. Press the save button.

api account def.png

After clicking save, a window with the API credentials will be opened.

There you can find the Client ID and Access Token to copy to ibundle connection form.

api credentials.png

After connecting your store please choose the status of the orders you want us to import as new ibundle orders.

FYI each order sync will only import orders from the last 24 hours.

Enjoy your new BigCommerce store connection!

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