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Are you...

Paying extra for each shipment?

Even if some are going to the same country

Wasting time and effort?


Trying to create and manage your shipments

Struggling with failed deliveries or returns?

Taking up lots of precious working hours



ibundle is both a service and a software platform with a goal to provide easy to use and affordable shipping for ECommerce businesses

Bundle your shipments

As a store owner you're probably sending multiple shipments to the same region. With ibundle you can save money by putting your packages in a single box and send them as a single shipment.


is built for ECommerce

Create Shipments
in Seconds

Creating labels and collections has never been easier

Connect Your Store

End to End Tracking for Your Packages

Update your customers, reduce problems and support tickets

Return Services

Allow your customers to send back products - either per your approval or fully automatic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Connect Your Store
    Sync all your sales channels to easily manage orders in one single dashboard.
  • Print Shipping Labels
    Get our negotiated rates from the top couriers worldwide.Print the label and attach it to the shipment.
  • Bundle Them
    Our smart automated system will choose the best shipping method for your package based on your needs.
  • Track Shipments & Update Your Customers
    Tracking and notification sync to your sales channel to keep you and your customer up to date with the shipment status.
  • Manage Returns
    Generate a return label for your customers and ship it to one of our worldwide warehouses. no contracts or minimum volumes.


(Real People, We Swear!)

Head of ECommerce

We are proud to be partners with ibundle and to be at the forefront of the B2C shipping industry. Together we are able to provide pioneering technological and operational solutions to ECommerce businesses which are truly state of the art



ibundle provides a technology and shipping solution that’s crucial for our service to work. We’ve always found the team at ibundle a great bunch of people to work with. Not only are they pleasant, they are proactive, offer a fantastic solution and have helped us grow our proposition.



Shipping with ibundle is incredibly easy. The system makes the entire shipping process work almost completely automatically and saves us a lot of valuable time and effort.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-19 at 18.00.28.jpeg

Warehouse Manager
Lev Haolam

I've been working with the ibundle system for more than a year. The system has enabled us to automatically produce labels, smartly manage our shipments, and has an updated and user-friendly tracking system plus other features. ibundle is set up for technical changes and constantly updates its system.


You pay only for what you ship. Adding more shipments in a bundle lowers the cost.


Shipments in bundle:

Rates are estimated per shipment of 0.5kg (1.1lbs) chargeable weight and do not include extra fees that may incur such as local taxes.

Please contact us by clicking here to get a more detailed pricing.

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