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With our analysis service package you can easily get an estimation of duty and tax for cross-border shipments. 

This is a must have feature for every e-commerce store owner!

Together with providing detailed information to you before creating a label, the service also allows you to add the estimation to the total price on your store's checkout so you can charge your customers in advance.

On top of the duty and tax estimation the service will also provide analysis on each shipment, showing: 

- Information on possible customs problems (for example, related to the shipment contents)
- Warnings about recipients that are in international denied party lists
- Suggestions about documents that customs may require to process the shipment
- The tax-exempt values for the destination country

The service cost $0.088 per analysis and you get the first 50 for free!

You can contact us using the contact form or on to activate the service and learn more.


To activate the service, please contact us either by clicking here or write to

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1 Atir Yeda, Kfar saba Israel

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