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Ecommerce Shipping Guide: How to Deliver More Efficiently While Saving Money

Shipping is arguably the most important aspect of your eCommerce store. Why? According to research, the number one reason people shop online is free shipping. And 54% of consumers under the age of 25 cite same-day shipping as the reason they purchase from a retailer.

Therefore, if you don't improve your ecommerce shipping, your business can't grow. If you focus more on shipping and delivery success, you'll reap financial as well as customer loyalty rewards.

In this article, we’ll go over how you can improve your ecommerce shipping strategy so you can efficiently improve your product delivery, reduce overall costs, and grow your bottom line.

Here's how you can create a top-notch e-commerce shipping strategy while saving money

Follow these steps to complete your shipping strategy now that you know what ecommerce shipping options are available and how to calculate your costs:

  1. Select and source packaging

    1. Use smaller packaging to save money on dimensional weight fees.

    2. You can also consider reusing packaging where you can as another way to reduce costs.

  2. Set up insurance and tracking options

    1. Make sure insurance or "guarantee" will properly cover the cost of the shipment.

    2. Provide full tracking information to the customer and update it frequently.

  3. Package and label your products

    1. If it’s cheaper for you to outsource this process, consider making that transition.

    2. You can also make your own labels or use technology from a vendor/shipping platform such as ibundle.

  4. Ship and deliver the product to the customer

    1. Optimize your delivery routes for the best last mile options with a solution like ibundle routing tool.

    2. Reevaluate your shipping partners/processes occasionally to make sure you’re still optimised and saving money.

You'll save money and delight your customers with ecommerce shipping done right

An optimized ecommerce shipping strategy, especially one with an efficient cross-border delivery system isn’t just good for your business in the short term. If anything, top-notch ecommerce shipping will make your business more profitable over the next several months and years, and you’ll also see happier customers thanks to a positive shipping experience.

Ready to improve the international B2C delivery portion of your ecommerce shipping process? Find out more from our ecommerce shipping experts by completing the online form here.


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